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Test Taking Strategies

  • ·Be slick and predict – cover answers and come to own conclusion first
  • ·Extra, Extra read all about it – read all directions
  • ·Slash the trash – cross answers out you know are not good
  • ·Plug it in, Plug it in – fill in the answers and see if they work or make sense
  • ·Be smart with the chart – make sure to read the chart before reading the question
  • ·Zap the map – read the map before reading the question
  • ·You snooze, you lose – don’t give up on the test
  • ·50/50 – mark out two answers you know are incorrect
  • ·Jail the detail – underline or highlight important data or facts in the question
  • ·Not, except questions – cross out three positive answers (one answer will be different, three alike)