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Jubilee Dance Concert 2023

  1. Class of '23 by J'Monnie M and Sofia D
  2. slipping through myself by Joy S
  3. The choice of a new generation by mSAM8
  4. Independence by Emily S
  5. Broken Mirrors by Mya W
  6. From Death to LIFE by Jenna H
  7. Silt by DAI
  8. the ILLUSION of love by Ayanna M
  9. Pretty Hurts by Sofia D
  10. As If by mSAM7
  11. Sudden Change by Aaliyah P
  12. Inherited Introspection by Ella R
  13. MOVE by Mason N
  14. Bottom of the River by Kai S
  15. broken pieces by Bethany R
  16. Someone in the Crowd by Lauren A
  17. DA6 is Back in Town by mSAM6
  18. fourboding by Ella R
  19. With you by Myia G
  20. Waning on the edge by DAII
  21. A Labyrinth of Ambivalent Relationships by Isabella S
  22. Rise Before You Fall by Kai S
  23. FUNK & SPUNK by Cailyn M
  24. Time will pass by J'Monnie M
  25. NINENIN by Addie M
  26. Twilight by Naomi P & Nassir T
  27. Embodied by Cailyn M
  28. Comfort Zone by Jane C